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William (Bill) J. Acheson is the Principal Manager of Bombahook Land Surveys. Bill's first surveyng experience occurred between the years of 1981 and 1985 as a Project Geologist for Noranda Exploration, Inc. when he was responsible for laying out compass and chain grids over geomagnetic and geochemical anomalies in the Moosehead Lake and The Forks areas.


In 1988, Mr. Acheson obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Surveying Engineering from the University of Maine. In the twenty-nine years since, Bill has worked mostly in land surveying and has worked on a variety of projects, including work with North by East Associates of Gardiner (3 years total) working mostly on boundary and land development projects for the private market; and with Titcomb Associates (22 years total) focusing on engineering support for large scale commercial projects, shopping malls, highway route surveys and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.


Bill has been in charge of projects all over the State of Maine including the counties of Androscoggin, Aroostook, Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Lincoln, Knox, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, Somerset, Washington and York Counties and has done deed research in every county in the State of Maine.


Bombahook Land Surveys uses robotic technology to collect data with one person for jobs that previously needed two people. Bombahook  Land Surveys is also part of a loose coalition with other small land surveying companies, so that two person crews can be utilized when required. These companies share personnel and expertise and to keep costs down and projects moving.

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The Hook or "Bombahook"
Historical Research Augusta, Hallowell, and Gardiner Areas
Remains of Mill on Bombahook Stream in 2015.
Deed Research Kennebec County
Remains of the "Wire Mill Road" on Bombahook Stream
in 2015.

Click picture for one explanation of the name and a brief history of this section of "Bombahook" by Sam Webber historian of Hallowell.


This was a center of industrial activity in Hallowell, my home town.

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