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Historical Research

Historical Research Services

The people of Gardiner, Maine are aware of the ongoing issues regarding the state's boundary questions. The problem is, they don't normally think about those questions until they have to. Then where one property line starts and another one stops becomes a very big deal.

From cost evaluations to issues of responsibility and beyond, the importance of a proper boundary survey can't be overstated.

Historical research can also play a vital role in contributing to resolving and settling boundary issues. At Bombahook Land Surveys, that type of historical research is simply a part of our thorough survey protocol.

New Hampshire and our Mass neighbors have been haggling about those state borders for about a million years. Then we have the issue with the ever-changing Canadian border and we haven't even talked about coastal erosion. If you have a need to obtain an accurate and thorough survey, we can help. If you need a reliable land or boundary survey, we have the experience, the tools and the expertise to get it done.


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